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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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can't say that e cigarettes had my an effect on my choosing to not smoking but i've participated in using the e liquids it helps me to enjoy them around and as the previous speaker said it really causes no smell within the house they want to be able to use their products and they hang out in my house it's nice not to have them i've been traufl pounl up and down went to lincoln high school and my father lives in the excelsior we've seen all of those businesses go not many businesses come and some of the opposition speaks they want to
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attract hardware and stationary stores my response would be without foot traffic and without something to initially start to bloefrt the amount of people what would lead a person to want to start and i a business blake city manager fwling a business that will attract people far and wide and give people an opportunity to try local products and it will promote entrepreneurialism i'm very, very interested i think in supporting as follows and people that live here for a long term giving people a chance to build a business ground up and seeing
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it to frustration is good this is an expensive thing to do and for the opposition saying this is something that children gain assess those devices cost from 40 to one hundred just to get the devices if i want to compare that to 7-eleven those can be brought from 7 to $8 it will never, never every be able to conveyer thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jessica fisher aim a born and raised san franciscan and i grew up all my life in this neighborhood and i'm not going to talk about you being a smoker or what it
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helps to quit smoking or not the real issue is whether or not you guys are going to allow a local family you know to open a business that benefits the community we're talking about attracting people to this area would make it more attractive to the other types of businesses that you know the neighbors want to see, you know, capitalized in this area or come to this area i've known blake and fong for 12 years their trust worthy people that are their taken out the backyard you know the proposal to have people smoke in the backyard and i think it's a good thing to have local businesses you see a lot of other cigarette companies and people coming from
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other places to establish those things in san francisco and the bay area it's important to promote local businesses people that are from here and glutin up here to have the opportunity to expand and open you know whatever kind of business they want so in conclusion i think another good point is that that reduce the waste in the environment so in the guitars and in the parks there's cigarette butts all over the place so this is the environmental waste we see all the time and finally, i'd like to say that i hope you support in project i think it is a necessary part of growing a business in this area and the vacant shops and vacancies attract nor vandalism
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and give kids an opportunity to get into trouble rather than having those spaces occupied by local businesses thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm ron lee i have been working in the community of san francisco for many, many years i'm here to port mr. blake lee i think it's a wonderful project we video a difference city i think that we should welcome the diversity of business i'm a member of the fitness 24 on ocean avenue and when i go to the gym to work out there's vacant stores there's no way to have ocean avenue with a
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bunch of vacant stores and so many businesses have failed on this street it's important that we accept the diversity and blake he's a great man and trying to raise a family here in 0 san francisco and this should be what we should be doing to help people like go blake he to see and stay if our city and it's good for tax base in san francisco rather than having a vacant store so, please i urge you to help and support blake lee and thank you very much >> next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good afternoon, commissioners my name is christopher's gonzales i federal court ocean avenue and resident of the terrace pretty much a resident since 91998 i remember
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ocean avenue having a lot of stores but now, it's scary because the stores are vacant it's hard to walk at night because there's no sense of security and having one particular store will help line up the neighborhood with with that said, that will bring revenue not only towards the city but the neighborhood that is good within for that the whole neighborhood and then on i heard that the planning staff approved of the happy vapor project and what hive been hearing so far there's nothing that was brought up today that would overturn the approval from the planning committee and that being said i support of
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the diversities and new products and will bring revenue and new mindset towards ocean avenue thank you. >> good next speaker i'll call more names (calling names). >> gab. >> my name is irene i've lived on 883 in the incidentally side terrace for the last 40 years i have a 10 year-old grandson living with me i strongly oppose the project nothing against blake at 1963 ocean avenue i believe it's neither necessary
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nor desirable and here's why the 19 hundred block of ocean avenue is also in some ways a moral hazard featuring massage parole that advertises an adult sites a cannabis and tattoo parole many students at the middle school walk past 24 location everyday after school and that many middle and high school students are targeted by this growing industry 18-years old and as an industry that flavors such things as bubble gum and cherry to entice youngsters please
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consider the neighborhoods surrounding this block incidentally side terrace and balboa terrace who thought most desirable and family friendly neighborhoods in the city last night i visited a few neighboring neighbors which of which have children in lefrment and high school and some younger i received in a half an hour 33 signatures opposing this plan believe me nobody in my incidentally side neighborhood supports this everybody agrees that this the proposed vapor shop is neither necessary nor desirable at the 19 hundred block at ocean avenue there's
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great new stores at ocean avenue you have to go to the fog lifter for lunch and you'll deliver that thank you very much. >> good afternoon, everybody my name is patty ryan aim a resident of the incidentally side i'm actually an adjacent neighbor behind the project and that plain clothes is a dead block like blake said like a lot of our neighbors said there is mcds, two massage polarized and tattoo shops and blltd and another one there was one not desirable in that area
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i'd like to present before i forget over one hundred signatures from our neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods which is balboa, and lakeside and others i will summit that today so there are over one hundred and 20 opposing 20 letters you received and another letter from a resident i'm hand carrying so this kind of business is attracting the wrong kind of business it doesn't add value to our community it - the city has spent a lot of money with the bungs of ocean avenue i walk there are other
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businesses around there we walk to cvs and whole foods and restaurant and chinese restaurants any that kind of restaurants and, yes a few that are vacant but let's not bring this type of business you've heard about the health and everyone that has talked this is not a desirable or necessary and let me quote something about from the department of public health that our mayor uses in legislation for the e cigarettes and the owner is saying that he wants to do a smoking sensation the fda has according to the february 4, 2014, additional health concerns
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it says those products have not been tested for the safety or efficiency for helping people stop smoking if you want to quit smoking just quit in regards to assess you can walk to 7-eleven or the homegrown liquor. >> thank you, ma'am our time is up and to buy cigarettes. >> thank you ms. gage. >> good evening, everyone my name is anna gage i'd like to add address the smoking in the ocean avenue area i have 2 hundred and 50 signatures i'll have signed about the 205 ocean
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avenue address it's a little bit down from there and its replacement i'm up and down the block it's in the same area it's very bad i addressed the tenant and i told her noted to move into my building and so she's like smoking cigarettes and leaving we'd cigarettes and he butts and i see the light on all night i was coming from my workshop and as i was coming from there i saw the light on and clouds of smoke and thought wow. this was everyday so i went through nicely and said can you please tell our supervisor to stop smoking in front of my premises or sheila's she'll be evicted as a attended the
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supervise from that that runs the building he said well, i don't know who she is she's going to put a title over the business i said i don't think so this is the same lady that is smoking in front of my kids they usually come out if my daughter is there's like 68 or 7 years old we don't smoke at&t park them whether a young eternal they lock the doors and the kids are inside so we advise our tenants if any, are a smoker please smoke and the restaurant or before you come into the house and make sure the cigarette butts so i had talked to the city and i called city clean i'll sponsor the city clean for the dispensaries it
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will make it easier so no the bay area they're trying to clean it up, however, i only have thirty seconds left when they post the signs talking about they want to station our premises please don't focus the signs i'll go up on my bid and be able to provide more money to the city my time is up thank you. >> good evening. i'm z i've been a strong cigarette smoker for the past 8 years recently, i photo this seconding thing exists i've been you're going it not having the way i used to
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smoke cigarettes but is helping with my body i don't have that much mucus all the time so i don't have to get fiefrd and the thing about the e cigarettes is that they're not second han hand smoke when i believe in there's vapor in the air it just vanishes doesn't leaf smells in my house and i think it's clean it's eco friendly to the environment everywhere i go as well as when i wanted to buy e liquids it takes 20 minutes away so i'll be happy they're open on ocean avenue will bring a lot of enjoy to the streets and good thing to the community and
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environment thank you very much. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm arthur i'm for the project i don't want to repeat anything by realistically this is one person with an idea that stretched his idea to his friends and all of us we all smoke a lot of sects i've gone to up two or three packs a day it's a transition to switch it has to be an immediate decision for some people that is like something that was different he was able to extend to people like me there are a lot of people out there to keep is short and simple i live downtown i can get e cigarettes
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meantime but to have this for people in the neighborhood is definitely a big benefit so thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is is mr. hip again, i don't want to borrow you guys with the same ideas interests a lot of studies there are certain toxicity and things that come out of that and many to prove otherwise because there's no long term study everything is inclusive this will benefit the areas because they want toy stores and stationary and hardware stores we have one in the 19 hundred block i've glutin up in san francisco i came here when i was
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4 by the closed the door because increase no people the hardware store 3 blocks down the stationary store is unsafe i went to balboa high school i drove my brother to school the vacancies lead to a lot of homelessness people sleeping in front of the stores he constantly see homelessness people sleeping in front of of the store that's not attractive people go to twenty-four hours and not bat an eye to the area a couple the other things i've comploen blake since high school my father smoked i never smoked
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but you know as people also is if you want to quit smoking just quit i've seen blake tried to quit it was hard he would be off for months and my father gape when i was 10 or 12 it didn't work but this when he started having had the baby jackie made the effort and this product was able to help him out i introduced it to my father he quite a 40-year-old habit and nicotine is not easy having different on ocean avenue is great he said something will be the balboa plan it is within a short driving distance but not
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for people that walk or drive on ocean it is within walking distance on ocean avenue that's all i have to say thank you thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> hi commissioners i'm pablo vascular is born and raised and a pediatric nurse this is flew season and second hand smoke is a big problem with respiratory conditions and cigarette smokers
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an alternative to blowing out second-hand smoker with the vapors there's no second-hand smoke only a small amount of water it is a little bit of nicotine so there's no actual smoke and also not the waste of cigarette butts from a normal cigarette and it's simply a safer to be smoking an e cigarettes than a traditional cigarette because of the smoke the studies are in the clove yet because the electronic cigarettes have not been around to be studied but what's clear that second-hand cigarette smoke is worse for adults and children
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than other types of vapor smoke last thing i was a long-term recipe in san francisco i remember infrequent ocean avenue and i visited the aquarium store that will be good to have this block filled and infrequent the businesses and so i think that allowing the shop to open up will be able to keep the retail space and keep the diversity of the businesses many this neighborhood. >> thank you. is there any additional public comme comment. >> yeah. i only want to say i fully support blake's project my mom grew up in san francisco and
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my aunt still lives here in the city there's enough second-hand smoke in the city not contributing to the environment and there needs to be more studies it is definitely an alternative to a healthier alternative for those who are addicted and the fact that blake is trying to start a business i hope you guys look at that and just they're trying to help the community and support his family as well thank you for your time and is there any additional public comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i live nearby i'm about a mile away from here i infrequently drive down ocean to
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other parts of city we railway have an occasion to stop there's nothing appealing and now a whole foods and used to be san franciscan hobbies it's a mystery why west portal are different they have streetcars and surrounded by neighborhoods i know a lot of the people in the neighborhood many were against this establishment i trust their judgment. >> our standard is necessary and desirable i'm not sure this establishment is necessary or desirable can't blame the problems on ocean off on this establishment that's not here yet so there are a lot of deed blocks there and i know that's a
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problem i think everybody's is brought up itself kinds of things we want to see in the neighborhood we doubt can't dictate like a restaurant that began a transition of all the places that turned hay street around but something like that will bring even though people to the neighborhood i know of a lot of young families that are moving into the neighborhoods followers no better place to raise our kids there's big homes and yards infrequently when they guest for entertainment or from the quaint a restaurants they'll go to west portal or other neighborhoods rather than what's in their neighborhood because the services are not there so those are some of the things i
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know and the other thing is i certainly sympathy emphasize i was a smoker and can understand the difficulties of quieting smoking, however, the e cigarette might be that a mechanism one might stop smoking but you can buy e cigarettes along 4 other places and don't need the lounge to use this as a method to stop smoking i'm not sure their heating something up it's more than vapor but odd vapor a type of smoke so it could be incarnate incarnate begins i feel bad for the young
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come up that invested their money but it's too bad it is probably not a real good choice on a block that has bad things like 9 massage polarized and the mcd and lots of liquor stores and restaurants you, you wouldn't want to go into it's not appealing it's too bad it hadn't improved maybe it will in the future. >> commissioner hillis. >> i have a couple of questions for staff so we had a list of other vapor shops there's 25 in the city i haven't seen a mcd. >> there's the first condominium conversion


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